Introducing a place for understanding your child and parenting well through divorce.


By now, hopefully you are starting to get a feel for us here at What About Me. I hope, oh how I really hope, that you are getting a clear picture of the heart behind what we do here. I also hope that you feel some weight off of your shoulders with the realization that you really are not alone and in fact, many of us either know the effects of divorce firsthand or have spent years in divorce research.


More than anything, I hope you know and feel the compassion we have for you and your family. Because of that love, we want to give you a peek behind the curtain of some upcoming resources we’ve been dreaming up just for you and your loved ones.


This blog, the one where we’re getting to know each other through discussion, story, vulnerability, and empathy, will continue as normal. We’ll keep sharing stories, talking with parents, interviewing therapists, and getting perspectives from kids across the board. It is our hope that this will continue to feel like you are settling down with a friend on a comfortable sofa and sharing the hard parts as well as the victories of this journey with your family.


In addition, we are really excited to share with you an equally important and vital component of help: The Resource Blog.


The Resource Blog will carry some similar undertones to this one, of course. As always, it will be laced with compassion, love, and authenticity. It will be about helping children in divorce, as is all of our work. Simply put, it will take on more of the load of practical help, major concepts, and step-by-step guides from what research says happens to children in the divorce process.


In the middle of the divorce process, it’s overwhelming to know where to turn. So we want to break it down for you. We are building this resource bank broken down with your needs in mind. Maybe you don’t even know what needs you have right now. That’s okay too! We will have a resource base and you will have a place to begin to look.


We want to take your hand, as a friend, and share with you anything we have or know that will help your kids.


The following will provide three different examples of just a few of our amazing resources:


1 – Developmental Guide


Research has shown that children have very different and very specific needs as they develop along the lifespan. And these needs are much different than yours, the parent. Wouldn’t knowing those needs be especially key during a crisis such as a divorce?


Physically, socially, and spiritually, children are on similar developmental paths through their growing up years. The way you would talk to your five year old about divorce will look vastly different than how you talk to your fifteen year old. But the words you would use with the majority of five year olds will look the same. The same goes for the needs of the teen.


For this reason, we are focusing on these four ages groups initially in our resources:

Ages 5-7, 8-11, 12-14, and 15-17.


We believe this could help parents and loved ones of the child have a simple place to start to learn about what is going on for their child. We also want you to know what is normal healthy development at each age and stage, so we will address that in our resources as well.


To be directed to our Developmental Guide, click here.


2 – Stages of Divorce for Children


Did you know that there are seven very specific stages a child goes through amidst divorce? Did you know that there are seven specific questions they ask along this journey? What a gift it would have been to many parents I know to have had this information in their hands as their children were sorting this out, my own family included!


Children have to learn about what the divorce means, how permanent it is, and what to do with some big emotions that arise in the process.


For a more in depth look at the Stages of Divorce for Children, click here.


3 – Helping Your Child Deal With Anger


Along with development and stages of divorce, sometimes there are specific topical issues that arise time and time again in the divorce world with children. One of the biggest? Anger.


Many of you can identify with a child who has begun acting out at school or suddenly seems forever on edge at home. Maybe your once quiet child has begun yelling at your or throwing things. We want you to know that even in these scary and sometimes embarrassing questions as parents, you are still not alone.


In fact, we even have a Helping Your Child Deal With Anger Guide, and you are welcome to click here for that!


In addition, we also have resources if you are simply looking for ways to better your relationship with your child or help them become stronger through the challenges. All these things and many more are available to you as you need them.


Really, our dream for this is to create a space for you to be able to browse for the resource that is specific to your unique child and family. We know every situation is different, but we also know there is often crossover and similarities. We believe we are stronger together. If we continue to pool our resources as we are doing, we will have an arsenal of tools for helping your child in this turbulent time.


So, we want to invite you into the process as well. What kinds of resources would benefit you and your child right now?



April Moseley

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